Employment & Training

Nak’azdli Employment & Training Services (N.E.T.S)

What is NETS?

Nak’azdli Employment & Training Services (NETS) provides training programs towards employment for Nak’azdli members. NETS encourages participants to exercise self-determination in their territory in ways that reflect their philosophy, values and experience.

NETS participants earn qualifications toward economic self-sufficiency and realize their potential to contribute to their Nation, other First Nations, and society at large. NETS provides pre-employment counseling, on the job training and/or course purchase.

Our focus is on skills development training opportunities for unemployed and under employed clients as well as those on Social Assistance and EI eligible individuals. We provide career development exercises, action plan referrals and work experience.

NETS Services

NETS provides the following programs in partnership with The Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment and Training Association (PGNAETA):

Work/Safety Gear Purchase One time only assistance to purchase gear for individuals starting a new job. A letter of employment and price quote are required to qualify.

Course Purchase For short or long term course purchase, meet with the NETS Manager to find out if you qualify for this program. You are required to submit a letter of acceptance, complete an action plan, confirm the cost for the course, and complete a labour market survey.

Mobility Assistance One time only assistance that funds individuals needing travel assistance to move to another location for employment purposes.

Youth Initiative This program provides wage subsidy to help youth gain valuable employment skills. NETS provides summer employment positions, Aboriginal Community Enhancement and Youth Empowerment Strategy Initiatives that provide youth with necessary skills for employment and career development.

NETS Brochure

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Office Hours

8:00 am–4:00 pm, Monday-Friday Please phone to make an appointment.