Nak’azdli Membership Hours:

Please note the Nak’azdli Whut’en Membership Office hours and days.

  •  Monday - Friday, 8am-4 pm

Status Cards are unavailable at this time. Please call the membership office for an appointment.

This means members on the wait list for Status Cards will be given priority.

At this time we are not taking walk-in appointments for non-band members.

    Categories in the Indian Act

    Categories are what you are registered under, and this affects whether you Can or Cannot Pass Status Rights to your Children and they affect Membership Across Canada.  Please contact your IRA to find out what your category is.

    Here are the categories in which one is Registered as Status First Nations in Canada as per the “Indian Act”:

    1. Section 6(1)(a)               2. Section 6(1)(a.1)        3. Section 6(1)(a.2)
    1. Section 6(1)(a.3)            5. Section 6(1)(b)           6. Section 6(1)(d)
    1. Section 6(1)(e)               8. Section 6(1)(f)           9.  Section 6(2)

    TIP: The Key Difference is simple if you are a 6(1), then you CAN Pass your Status Rights to your children and if you are a 6(2), then you CANNOT Pass your Status Rights to your children if your spouse is Not First Nations. Talk to your IRA and find out what Category you are.