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Nak'azdli Whut'en is a holistic community that believes in maintaining and enhancing traditional values by learning, living, and teaching our culture and heritage.

Dakelh or Carrier are indigenous people from the Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Most Carrier call themselves Dakelh, meaning "People Who go Around by Boat." Nak’azdli society is based on the Clan System. Currently, there are four clans: Lhts’umusyoo (Beaver); Lusilyoo (Frog); Kwun Ba Whuten (Caribou); and Lohjabou (Bear).

Dakelh culture is tied to the land. In the traditional culture, all families have ties to their hunting and fishing territories, handed down to them through family inheritance. Families have camps for various activities: fishing, hunting, and berry picking. In the past, this work meant survival, and today, many people continue to rely on hunting and fishing for their winter supplies. The opportunity to hunt, fish, and berry pick enables people to visit their
territory and reconnect with the land.

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Welcome to Nak'azdli Whut'en

Lhts’umusyoo (Beaver)
Graphic depiction of the Beaver clan symbol with a light pink background

Learn more about the Lhts’umusyoo (Beaver) clan

Lusilyoo (Frog)
Graphic depiction of the Frog clan symbol with a green background

Learn more about the Lusilyoo (Frog) clan

Kwun Ba Whuten (Caribou)
Graphic depiction of the Caribou clan symbol with a yellow background

Learn more about the Kwun Ba Whuten (Caribou) clan

Lohjabou (Bear)
Graphic depiction of the Bear clan symbol with blue background

Learn more about the Lohjabou (Bear) clan

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