Social Development

The Objective of Nak’azdli Social Development is to assist persons on reserve to develop individual and family strengths necessary for people to thrive in today’s society through the delivery of the following programs.

Cultural Center Activities:

  • Beading and Sewing.  Lots of projects planned including aprons, vests, loom beading, and coin purses. Stop by and check out all of the activities.

Ongoing Activities:

  • Soup and Bannock
  • Cooking  
  • Dakelh Immersion with Elders
  • Garden/Greenhouse  
Person standing in snow covered woods.
Child helping to build a wall
Person in front of tanning rack
Person chopping up salmon
Racks of smoked salmon
Group of people showing handmade moccasins
Group of people bottle feeding babies
Person playfully covering eyes with handcrafted moccasins
Person holding baking tray with buns. There is a big pot and another tray of buns on top of a stove
People hand stitching moccasins
Lady bottle feeding baby
Group of people crafting with leather
Person with blue shirt smiling while they are cooking